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We speak of solidarity when two or more people work together to achieve a common goal, this value teaches us to work as a team, to share, give in, respect and live with other people. By being supportive we manifest other values ​​that bring us closer to others such as generosity, respect and responsibility.


Did You Know?

Integration and recognition of administrative team

Happiness at work if possible!  And at the LCB we are committed to it.  Last Thursday, July 7th, awards were given to the administrative team, where we held an integration day through the Paintball game.  For the recognition, it was considered important that not only one collaborator was distinguished, instead, several categories were proposed where the entire administrative team had the opportunity to vote through a small virtual survey.

The awards were:

Ambassador of the good work environment: for Andrés Cabezas Bernal (TIC) who was recognized as a friendly and collaborative person, who is always willing to help and support with his attitude, as a good emissary of organizational climate in the different areas.

The great leader: For his ability to make decisions, to manage crises, to support and understand the members of a group.  In this regard, John Arce from the ICT area was awarded.

Reference area for its efficiency and support: although there were many nominated areas, on this occasion the chosen ones were: Human Talent and Transportation.

Recognition to our collaborators in the operational area

On Friday, July 8th, the birthdays of the operational area were celebrated.  There were moments of happiness, where each of the participants was able to share a moment of relaxation, recognition and appreciation for their coworkers. In addition to the cake and the feasts, it was closed with a flourish, with the presence of Javier E Vallejo, a Psychologist, Coach & writer, an expert on the subject of group dynamics, who, through the activities carried out, produced a lot of serotonin because the challenges, laughter, shouts and applause were plenty.

Teamwork activity for Classroom Assistants

Last Monday, July 11st, an audio/visual activity was carried out with the classroom assistants focused on teamwork and individual concentration that consisted of dance;  this space allowed the participants to have a moment of relaxation and learning.

Special Thanks

On Saturday, July 30th and Sunday, July 31st, we celebrated Family Day. The purpose of this meeting was to share with the entire LCB community a space for integration and learning regarding the importance of the family and the school as a pillar in the education of our students. We highlight the great work of our teachers, administrative team, operational team, logistical staff and all those who made it possible for this event to be one of the best.

Definitely “None of us is as good alone as all of us together”

We are waiting for you!

Mini Fair of Agreements

We cannot leave out other types of approaches in which all LCB employees, customers and suppliers were invited to join our teamwork philosophy, which is why on July 11 an agreement fair was held.

We hope to continue carrying out more and more activities to promote happiness at work, so that we have a balance between life and work

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Regulations for the use of common areas of the school

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